Tories Want to Rip Up Basic Workers Rights

Plan to Scrap 48 Hour Working Week Rules

The Tory UK government is set to scrap basic workers rights by binning an EU law that prevents employers from forcing staff to work more than 48 hours a week.

The EU Working Time Directive ensured employers kept records to prove employees had not worked more than 48 hours in a week.

The regulations also enshrine in law the right to paid time off and rest breaks, with employers mandated to provide at least a 20-minute uninterrupted break.

It follows the Tories introducing the hated EU Retained Law Bill, which will throw employment rights and other protections on a bonfire and grab powers away from the Scottish Parliament.

Commenting, SNP MP Chris Stephens said:

“Under Westminster control, our hard fought employment rights are under serious threat from this Tory government. And don’t expect Keir Starmer’s pro-Brexit Labour party to win them back as they will keep Scotland out of the European Union.

“We have already seen the Tories clamping down on the right to strike and the right to protest. It feels like there is no basic human right that is not under threat from this Tory government.

“The EU Working Time Directive is essential to ensure workers are not forced by their employer to work overtime without being paid for it. It also protects our right to paid holidays and breaks, but that would be ripped up by the Tories due to their Brexit obsession.

“With the Tories and the pro-Brexit Labour party working hand in hand to keep us out of the European Union our employment rights are not safe under Westminster control and the only way we can guarantee them is with independence.”


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