Scotland Stuck in State of ‘Brexit Limbo’, SNP Warn

Scottish Independence Only Solution to Spiralling Brexit Chaos

Scotland is stuck in a state of ‘Brexit limbo’ with all main Westminster parties committed to the failing project despite widespread public opinion turning against it, the SNP has warned.

It comes as an Opinium poll revealed a majority of the UK public (57%) said they believed Brexit was causing more problems than it solved.

The survey also revealed falling support from Tory voters, with one third losing (33%) all faith in Brexit, while only 22% of those who intend to vote Conservative say Britain’s exit from the EU has solved more problems that it has created.

The SNP’s spokesperson for Europe and EU Accession, Alyn Smith MP, said the poll should serve as a ‘reality check’ for the Westminster parties, with Brexit having wreaked havoc on the economy while piling more pressure onto cost of living crisis-hit households and businesses.

Commenting, Alyn Smith MP said:

“Despite growing public support for the UK’s return to the European Union both Labour and the Tories have their heads buried in the sand, refusing to own up to the chaos and damage their Brexit has caused – starkly revealing Scotland’s state in Brexit limbo.

“This poll should serve as a reality check for the Westminster parties and serve as an opportunity to move forward with a plan to rejoin the EU. Instead it’s more likely to entrench even further their out of touch stance, demonstrating yet again that Scotland can only return to the EU with the full powers of independence.

“The economic chaos and added pressure the failed Brexit obsession has caused is only adding to the financial fears households and businesses are facing as a result of the Tory-made cost of living crisis.

“This is as much on the failure of opposition at Westminster as it is on the Tories though, with Labour and the Lib Dems refusal to take the Tories to task over Brexit rendering them complicit in the damage being caused to the country.

“Only the SNP is standing to oppose Brexit, but as we’ve seen time and time again, only independence can bring a permanent end to it.”

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One in three Tory voters lose faith in Brexit, poll finds

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