Sarwar Flounders Over Brexit Support

Independence Only Way To Regain Scotland’s Place In Europe

The SNP has said the pro-Brexit Labour Party is “threatening Scotland’s economy” – as Anas Sarwar came under pressure over his party’s support for Brexit, despite the damage it is doing.

In an interview on the BBC Sunday Show, presenter Martin Geissler challenged the Scottish Labour leader “The UK has the lowest growth in the G7, we have the worst post-covid economic recovery, Brexit is largely responsible for that, it’s been a disaster economically and its diminished our standing internationally – do you agree with that?”

Despite admitting the answer is “Yes” – Sarwar refused to set out any route back to the EU for Scotland, and seemingly backed Keir Starmer’s position that “There’s no going back into the EU. There’s no going back into the single market”.

It comes as the UK approaches the third anniversary of Brexit on 31st January, amid mounting evidence of the damage it has done to the economy – and with polls showing overwhelming and growing support for rejoining the EU in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP Europe and EU Accession spokesperson Alyn Smith MP said:

“With the pro-Brexit Labour Party ruling out any return to the EU or single market, it’s clear independence is the only way to protect Scotland’s economy and regain our place in Europe.

“It beggars belief that Anas Sarwar admits Brexit has been a disaster for the economy but still wants to impose it against Scotland’s will. On Brexit, as with so many issues, the Labour Party is no better than the Tories.

“As the UK approaches the third anniversary of Brexit, the evidence of its devastating impact continues to grow – and majority support for rejoining the EU is at record levels in Scotland.

“It’s no wonder Anas Sarwar flounders whenever he is challenged over Labour’s inexplicable support for Brexit, when he has positioned himself against the democratic wishes of the people of of Scotland, and backs a policy that is threatening Scotland’s economy and costing us billions in long-term damage.

“The SNP is the only party offering Scotland the chance to escape Brexit, and boost our economy by rejoining the EU as an independent country.”

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‘Starmer: ‘No going back’ to EU or single market under Labour’ –

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