Labour/Tory Brexit Denial Shows Why Scots Need Independence

SNP Cite Dire Brexit Warnings As Single Market Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Labour and Tory Brexit denial is showing why the wishes of the people of Scotland can only be delivered with the full powers of independence, the SNP has said.
It comes as the Labour leader, Keir Starmer, doubled down on his pro-Brexit stance yesterday, suggesting his party would seek a ‘closer trading relationship’ with the EU as opposed to making moves to rejoin the single market.
Prior to Starmer’s comments on the Laura Kuenssberg show, a former official in the Department for Exiting the EU warned at the weekend that Brexit is contributing to the UK’s ongoing economic crisis, with attempts to bounce back from the pandemic and knock-on effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine falling flat in the UK compared to in neighbouring EU countries.

The warnings were accompanied at the weekend by the statement from former deputy governor of the Bank of England, Sir Howard Davies, who said of Brexit ‘It’s one of the reasons we’re at the bottom of the growth table in the major industrialised countries’.
Today marks the 30th anniversary of the single market, a celebration Scotland should have been part of according to the SNP’s Europe and EU Accession spokesperson, Alyn Smith, who warned that dire economic forecasts would continue to be the norm without a return to EU membership.
Commenting, Alyn Smith MP said:
“Scotland is paying the price for the Labour/Tory denial of the true state of Brexit in this country, showing that only with the full powers of independence can the wishes of the people of Scotland be delivered upon. 
“Presented daily with figures and testimony from leading officials displaying the damage of Brexit the Tories and Labour have sought to bury their heads in the sand as opposed to reversing the compounding chaos they’ve caused.
“Being made to pay for all of this are individuals and businesses in Scotland who, with their overwhelming vote to remain in 2016, should be among those celebrating 30 years as part of the single market today.
“Instead, all of us here in Scotland are made to suffer through the economic crisis made entirely worse by Brexit while our neighbours and closest allies celebrate strong levels of growth and prosperity. That will be the norm for years to come if Brexit isn’t wholly reversed.
“Labour and the Conservatives may not be listening to the demands of the public and the advice of experts but we are, and it’s for that reason we’re the only party offering up an alternative to the people of Scotland – a full return to the EU with independence.”
Notes for editors:
‘UK’s economic crisis has been made worse by Brexit,’ says former official

‘It’s one of the reasons we’re at the bottom of the growth table in the major industrialised countries’ Ex-deputy governor of Bank of England & now Chair of Nat West Group Sir Howard Davies on Brexit

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