Independent Scotland’s Success in Europe Is Waiting

Westminster Biggest Threat to Scotland’s Progress

Independence is vital for Scotland to succeed like comparable European countries, according to the SNP.
Keith Brown, the SNP’s Depute Leader, has highlighted the greater equality, lower poverty rates, higher social mobility and higher business investment of comparable independent countries such as Ireland, Denmark and Norway. Brown also warned that Westminster control, cuts and Brexit are “unquestionably the biggest threat to Scotland’s progress.”
Commenting SNP Depute Leader, Keith Brown said:
“Our country and people have everything it takes to be a hugely successful nation but, because of successive Tory Westminster governments – that people here don’t vote for –  Scotland is being stopped from reaching its full potential.
“We have vast natural and renewable energy resources, an educated and skilled workforce and we are renowned for our invention and innovation – there should be nothing stopping us from thriving like other independent countries like Ireland, Denmark and Norway.
“So, the question is, what do these other countries have that Scotland does not? They have the full powers that normal independent countries enjoy which allows them to take the decisions that work best for their people.
“These successful countries do not have to endure Tory governments they don’t vote for, making decisions that ignore their interests – like Brexit, which is hitting living standards hard and adding to food price rises. With Labour now standing shoulder to shoulder once again with the Tories on Brexit, Westminster is unquestionably the biggest threat to Scotland’s progress.
“Independent countries that are like Scotland are wealthier and fairer than the UK. Scotland can be too. Independence is the only way to ensure all the levers of powers to harness our potential and put Scotland’s best interests first are put in Scotland’s hands.”

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