Brexit Could Send Food Prices Soaring Even Further

SNP Only Party Offering Scotland a Route Back to EU

Alyn Smith MP has said “the SNP is the only party offering Scotland an escape from Brexit and a route back to the EU with independence” – amid warnings that food prices could rise even further due to Brexit red tape.

It comes as the British Retail Consortium warned new Brexit fees on goods coming into the UK from the EU will add “hundreds of pounds” to the cost of importing each lorry-load of produce, while added Brexit red tape from October could see a fresh wave of disruption at ports and shortages of goods on supermarket shelves.

Earlier today, Lib Dem leader Ed Davey was torn apart by ITV GMB presenter Susanna Reid for repeatedly refusing to say whether Brexit should be reversed when asked “it’s a straightforward question, do you want to rejoin the EU or not?”

Commenting, SNP EU Accession spokesperson Alyn Smith MP said:

“The Tories have trashed the economy – and now families are seeing their incomes squeezed even further, as Brexit sends food prices soaring.

“The SNP is the only party offering Scotland an escape from Brexit, and a route back to the EU, with independence. In contrast, the Tories and pro-Brexit Labour Party are making the cost of living crisis even worse – and causing long-term damage to Scotland’s economy.

“With all the signs suggesting the UK is heading to a hung parliament, the SNP could hold the balance of power at the next election. A strong team of SNP MPs would use our influence to undo Brexit and secure powers for an independence referendum, so Scotland can regain our place in Europe.

“The UK has, remarkably, essentially not policed imports arriving from the EU so the customs checks that have caused such disruption already have essentially only been on exports, but with these new import checks being introduced in a matter of weeks I’m terrified what it will do to an already overstretched food supply chain.”

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